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Smart City Mission:
Prime Minister, Mr.Narendra modi :”For the first time in India ,a challenge is being floated, in which the citizens of urban India could contribute in the formulation of development visions of their cities.
“Those cities which were able to competitively meet the required parameters would be developed as smart cities.
“This competitive mechanism would end the top-down approach, and lead to people –centric urban development”.(25 july 2015)
Smart City :What it Means?
A Smart City uses information and communication technologies (ICT)to enhance quality, performance  and interactivity of urban services, to reduce costs and resource consumption and to improve contact between citizens and government. Sectors that have been developing Smart City technology and traffic management, energy ,health care ,water, innovative urban agriculture and waste management.
The conceptualization of “Smart City “varies from city to city  .It depends on the level of development, willingness to change and reform by people.
11 Smart Cities In The World:

PM’S Commandments for Smart Cities:
·        Urbanisation be viewed as an opportunity and urban centres as growth engines.
·        India is rapidly urbanising.       
·        Smart Cities are selected through a competition.
·        A challenge is being floated: citizens to participate to envision their city.                 
·        These urban development schemes involve all stake holders and examine global
·        best practices.
·        There is a lack of holistic vision about urban planning, now to be amended.
·        Through AMRUT,the aim of the government is to give cities themselves the chance to plan their future growth.
·        Walk –to-work facility os to be created for ease of people.
·        A house is a turning point in the lives of poor, and effort is to provide the right environment.
·        It is “our responsibility “to provide a house for everyone by 2022.
Smart City the”safest investment “
“100 Smart Cities are now the “a safe bet “for real estate builders. Both national and international investors are keen as they are the safest investment because land is there, structures are going to be there, so the returns are assured.
“The Smart City Mission promotes integrated city planning, where the government’s policies such as Swachh Bharat Mission and Atal Mission for Rejuvenation and urban Transformation complement each other.”(Mr.Venkaiah Naidu, Minister,UDH
What are”Core “Elements:
In the “Smart –Process ‘cities should provide core infrastructure, give a decent quality of life to its citizens, a clean and sustainable and inclusive development.
The core infrastructure elements will include:
·        Adequate  water supply,
·        Assured electricity supply,
·        Sanitation,including solid waste management,
·        Efficient urban mobility and public transport,
·        Affordable housing, especially for the poor,
·        Robus IT connectivity and digitalization,
·        Good governance, especially e-Governance and citizen participation,
·        Sustainable environment,
·        Safety and security of citizens ,particularly women ,children and the elderly,
·        Health,education,and recreation ,and                                         
·        Renewable energy uses.
India ‘s 20 Smart Cities:
‘The Competition has been as rigorous as the civil services exam’said Mr.V.Naidu ,Minister,UDH .The 20 Smart Cities are:
1) Bhubaneswar        2) Pune       3)Jaipur     4)Surat      5)Kochi     6)Ahmadabad     7)Jabalpur  
8) Visakhapatnam     9)Solapur    10)Davangere    11)Indore  12)New Delhi(MC) 13)Coimbatore
14)Kakinada  15)Belgavi  16)Udaipur  17)Guwahati 18)Chennai 19)Ludhiana 20)Bhopal.
Jaipur as Smart City:
The People want:
·        Solid waste management
·        Heritage living
·        Efficient public transport
·        Better water management
·        Green Environment
·        Safe living ,etc.
Smartness Formula:
1) City Planning:-Making Land use more efficient .Active Participation in the city planning through policy advocacy, and interaction with various government agencies,
2) Green City:-More green trees and new green buildings.
3)Housing and Inclusiveness:-Expand housing opportunities for all segments, creation of a slum free city and creating walk able localities.
4) Environment Factors:-Reduce congestion, air pollution and resource depletion, promote interactions and ensure security.
5) Open Spaces:-Setting aside open and efficient spaces for better life of citizens.
6)Eco  Balance:-Parks,playgrounds,Recreational spaces and creating Urban Biodiversity.                 
7)Mixed Use Development:-Promotion of a work culture to involve people in making optimum use of development modes, encouraging good neighbourhood sense, initiating inter-dependence ,etc.
8)Sports :-Catch them Young’—a new mode to be set in motion to enable youth become strong and smarter, forking out modern play-zones ,re –using existing ones, adoption of advanced equipment/techniques ,etc.
9) Cultural Orientation;-Promotion of art and culture at early age of youth, balanced environmental consciousness, luring teen-agers to to assume leadership,etc.
10)Green Living:-Minimising power use, maximizing sun light entry, perfect ventilation, appropriate space planning,etc.
11)Water Conservation;-Models Already set in motion in all new high –rise buildings.
12)Better Building Technology:-invisible ways to cause smartness in living.
13)Renewable Emphasis:-Reliance on Solar –Light and other renewable energy, making life economically more viable—re-use and re-cycle to be fundamental practices.
14)Residents ‘Welfare Associations(RWAs):-Activating Such RWAs,Empowering Residents to adopt Smart Living Norms, Thereby making the city Smart.
Smart Buildings:
India plans to build 60 million homes.Rs 22,407 Crore have been allocated this year to  make it happen.
·        More than 3,124 green building projects ,with a footprint of over 2.75  billion sq.ft.are registered with the Indian Green Building Council(IGBC)
·        Automation technologies are to play a key role in the efficient operations of buildings.
·        Smart monitoring, cross-device compatibility, voice commands, wireless connectivity, lighting enabled by motion sensors are a few features of smart homes.
·        More sun light, air ventilation, green patches across ground ,shrubs,bushes,grass patches ,broad-leave trees all around, birds chirping  in balcony and feeding-breeding nearby ,open space etc.constitute major elements to make any building smart.